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Girl uninstalls WhatsApp after her boyfriend fails to reply to her text within two minutes

24, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Swati, a 24-year-old girl wrote an open letter to Whatsapp CEO after her boyfriend didn’t reply to her text within two minutes. She also uninstalled the app just before writing the open letter.


On Wednesday, Swati texted her boyfriend Naveen on WhatsApp asking “Kya kar rahe ho?” and didn’t get any reply. She waited for a minute and then called him a couple of times. Swati thought WhatsApp is down so she asked others through a Facebook post. Before anyone could reply her, she got frustrated and wrote an open letter to the CEO of WhatsApp and Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Faking News reporter spoke to Naveen, Swati’s boyfriend. Naveen said, “I have never taken more than 10 seconds to reply to her. There were many instances when it wasn’t possible to reply to her text but I still managed. Many a time I couldn’t board my office bus even when I was right there at the bus stop only because replying to her texts was my priority.”

Disturbed with the incident, Naveen went home to see his mother like he does every time he gets into a fight with his girlfriend. Our Faking News reporter tried reaching out to Swati but she’s not replying to out calls or texts.

This can’t be denied that technology has brought people closer but at the same time same technology has created problems that were never there. Blue tick i.e. read receipts on whatsapp is one such problem.

In any relationship the most crucial thing is how patiently can you listen to each other. Blue tick means the receiver has acknowledged what you said but it still doesn’t give the sender a sense that how interestingly receiver listened and that’s why reply to every text has become more important.