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Girl with 30k Twitter followers falls in love with boy with 30 followers, family opposes

15, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. In an incident similar to those shown in 90s Bollywood movies, a man has been asked by his girlfriend’s father to get five thousand Twitter followers in a month if he wants to marry her.

Raj who goes by Twitter handle @Awara_Pagal_Deewana, an avid re-tweeter with just 30 Twitter followers, could somehow managed to impress a female Twitter celeb, Pooja a.k.a @vilayatiphuljhadi with 30000 twitter followers.

Love brewed between them, even though many followers of Pooja accused Raj of copying others’ tweets to impress the girl. However, Pooja rejected such claims from “trolls” and finally she decided to marry Raj to get a verified relationship status.

But unlike Raj, who belongs to a humble non-Twitter-family, Pooja is from an affluent Twitter celeb family. Her father, mother, brother, uncle, cousins, all are Twitter celebs with thousands of followers.

Twitter Romance
Will this love story have a happy ending?

For the first time in his life, Raj realized how socially poor he was.

“When I reached Pooja’s home, the first question his father asked was how many followers I had. He started laughing when he heard about30 followers,” Raj recalled the fateful day when his dreams came crashing down.

“That many number of followers my daughter makes in one tweet. How can you even dream of keeping her happy?” Pooja’s father is reported to have told Raj.

“I have heard that a couple of their relatives have verified Twitter accounts too,” Raj explained how much socially affluent the girl’s family was.

Sources tell Faking News that Pooja’s father hacked into his daughter’s account and blocked Raj the same night. Not only that, he decided to get Pooja married to a guy with 40K followers.

Incensed with this incessant trolling targeted at his lover, Pooja decided to report abuse her family’s behavior. She warned her father that she will quit Twitter if not allowed to marry Raj.

Petrified of losing a family twitter jewel, Pooja’s dad relented. But he put a condition for marriage – Raj will have to prove his mettle by getting at least 5 thousands followers in a month.

Latest reports suggest that Raj has put Sunny Leone’s picture as his display picture in an attempt to meet the target set by his could-be father-in-law.