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After going through FB profiles of his friends, man realizes that he has achieved nothing in life, deletes account

27, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

Nostalgia quickly turned into a sense of worthlessness for 30 year old Tarun Kumar, who logged onto Facebook to check out some images of his school days. But he soon realized how ‘less happening’ is life was only after a few casual scrolls of his friend’s FB pages.

With most of his friends posting pictures of exotic foreign locations with their better halves while Tarun himself was slogging it out in an 18 hour shift in his company, he couldn’t take it anymore and thought it would be better if he just deleted his account to avoid any further inferiority complex.

But family members say that has not helped much and Tarun has already started showing signs of borderline depression. His colleagues at work has something similar to say. “The other day I saw him wearing a ‘Being Worthless’ t-shirt,” said one co-worker.

Initially reluctant, Tarun opened up later and said, “All this while I was made to believe that getting a degree, then a job and then uploading my honeymoon pics on FB would be a good indication that I have arrived. But I was wrong. Most of my friends have such fancy designations that it will put even Mark Zuckerberg to shame. One of them has put his as ‘CEO of Unemployed’. Some have completed marathon’s and I find it difficult to walk up to the corner shop.”

When questioned if he was overeacting by deleting his account, Tarun said, “What’s the point in having one. None of my posts get any attention. A pouting selfie gets more likes and comments like ‘hotness ki dukaan’ than something sensible that I share.”

Psychiatrists that time spent on social media is raising anxiety levels among youth and is a cause of concern. “I wouldn’t say the Tarun is an under-achiever. At least he has deleted his FB account. That is the first step to achieve something,” said one Psychiatrist while speaking to our reporter.