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Google Plus blocking entry to users who were hyperactive on Orkut

17, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. In what appears to be a serious violation of the Equal Opportunities Act, Google Inc. has been found meting out unfair treatment to those internet users who were hyperactive on Orkut, Google’s original social networking website that got trumped by Facebook. The users, usually referred as Orkutiyas in India, are finding it hugely challenging to join Google Plus, the latest social networking initiative from Google aimed at trumping Facebook.

“I have a functioning Google account and I was invited by a friend to join Google Plus, but my G+ profile is still not active,” complained A@sHis m/ehTa, an avid social networker and an active Orkut user. Aashish (his printable name) claims that he entered his credentials correctly on at least five occasions, but was spurned by the website each time.

Google+ circle
A Google+ user, who imported his contact from his old Orkut account, saw this Circle automatically getting created by the system.

Many others like Aashish complain of numerous such ‘glitches’ that have stopped them from either joining or being active on Google Plus. Now they suspect some ‘organized attempt’ by Google to keep them at bay.

“How come Pratik, that guy who never used Orkut and had always used Facebook to wish me birthday, got his Google+ account created within minutes?” Aashish, who is 90% cool, 80% trusty, and 70% sexy on Orkut for the last five years, wondered.

“How can Google do this to their original patrons? Domestic chicken is equal to pulse for Plus?” he complained, referring to the Hindi proverb of “ghar ki murgi daal baraabar”.

Some original Orkut users even accuse Google of being ‘condescending’ and ‘insulting’ to them.

“When I clicked ‘Circles’ tab in my Google+ page, it took me to a page which had a quick tutorial explaining what a circle was. It showed triangles and hexagons as being different from a circle! Do they think people at Orkut don’t know that!?” Irfan, a former Orkut user who could set up his G+ profile with help of a friend, accused Google of following discriminatory policies.

Google has refused to comment over these allegations but social media experts believe that the internet giant might be taking some ‘preemptive’ and ‘precautionary’ measures to make sure that Google+ doesn’t go the Orkut, Buzz, or Wave way.

“It’s like not inviting your ex to your marriage ceremony,” a social media expert with 32 followers on Twitter claimed.