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Google Plus to reward those who notice whenever it is down

24, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

California, USA. Upset with the fact that there is absolutely no hullabaloo whenever they are down, alleged social networking website Google+ has decided to reward those who bring to its notice whenever it is down.

The decision was taken at a management meeting soon after there was huge uproar on social media when WhatsApp went down for 3 hours.

Google Plus down
Google+ management has its fingers crossed.

“We have been down too so many times in the past but have not received a single complaint so far. There is a limit to our patience,” said Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google while announcing about the scheme on his Google+ Facebook profile.

This time too the management first thought many people could be online and maybe it was the best time to check loyalty of their user base.

“We immediately shut down our servers, while our team was tracking Facebook and Twitter for outraging posts and tweets. When we failed to find a single post/tweet even after 5 hours we resumed our services,” Eric Schmidt, executive chairman confirmed.

“Unlike management of other networking sites, our ears have been yearning to hear abuses from our users,” he further added tears rolling down his cheeks.

The management has now sacked their own sever operator who was outraging against WhatsApp’s downtime on Twitter but failed to notice Google plus being down.

Even though timing and other essentials have been finalized, Google+ has yet not declared what the reward will be.

“Well that’s a surprise,” Eric replied cheekily when asked.

Fearing that the reward could be a lifetime subscription of Google+ or default setting of Google+ as homepage etc many people are confused if they should take a risk and participate in the contest.

Experts however believe that such schemes or tactics won’t yield any favorable results for Google+ management.

“No wonder this untouchablity towards Google+ is quite astounding. People treat and look down upon it as if it has got into social media space through Management quota. I wonder if they ll give it a chance even if all other networking sites are down simultaneously,” one such expert told Faking News.

Meanwhile if the contest fails to get any response, Google+ may shut down their servers continually, till any affected member outrages or complains about it

“This will at least help us in cutting down on the operational costs,” Larry Page confirmed.