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Google secretly developing a competitor to Paul the Octopus

08, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Concerned over the growing popularity of Paul the Octopus for accurately resolving people’s doubts, something for which a lot of people have relied upon Google search results, Google is reported to be developing its own Octopus, tentatively named “Google 8”. The Google Octopus could be launched anytime later this year and would be distributed and sold through retail stores unlike other google products that were distributed and sold through online downloads.

“It would look like a real blood and flesh octopus and would be available in a small aquarium of 3x3x3 feet cubic size. But it would actually be an android running on Google’s complex search engine algorithm, improvised to resolve specific questions like which team could win a match or whether a person would get a job.” informed a popular tech blogger, even though Google declined to comment on the reports.

Google 8 - The Google Octopus
Google 8, the Google Octopus, is ready to answer all your questions that ever bothered you

Experts believe that Google was indeed worried over the popularity of Paul, the psychic octopus, who could correctly predict the results of all the FIFA world cup matches that Germany played. Earlier, Google was the one stop solution for a person in doubt, a position that now threatens to go to octopuses.

“People would ask all kinds of questions to Google when something bothered them – Will I ever get married? When will I die? Is my neighbor a sex offender? Will Argentina win the 2010 world cup? Will Germany be a Muslim state by 2050? – but soon they could start flocking to octopuses for such queries and google could lose a considerable traffic.” explained an internet expert.

Earlier Google had felt threat from the growing popularity of facebook and was believed to be working on development of “Google Me”, but it’s not clear if the internet giant could shelve the development of “Google Me” to launch “Google 8” in time.

“I believe they would be wise to work on the Google Octopus at this moment as it threatens their primary business – the search engine market. Also, we have specific information that China is planning to flood global markets with smaller and cheaper octopuses that people could buy and keep in their homes to resolve their queries.” another expert opined.

Faking News sources in China confirm that preparations are afoot to market tiny octopuses in smaller aquariums and brand them iPaul, something that hurts Google as well as Apple, two American corporate giants. The Chinese iPaul octopuses would be real alive octopuses and would be projected as having psychic powers similar to Paul the Octopus.

Back in India, domestic babas too are concerned over the latest developments and are planning to protest the entry of iPaul and Google 8 into the Indian markets.