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Government to reward local philosopher for consistently posting meaningful shayaris on social media

14, Jun 2015 By anilsharma

New Delhi: ‘Achhe Din’ as promised by the Government are finally here, if not for everyone certainly for Ramesh Kumar. Ramesh, a 25-year-old delhiite, a jobless philosopher by choice, is finally getting something in return for all his hard work and patience which he’s been showing on almost every possible social media networking site and also on most of the popular messenger apps for quite some time.

Ramesh got the news of his life earlier in the morning when he learned that the Government is rewarding him for spreading positivity towards life and for posting ‘meaningful shayaris’ on social networking sites consistently.

social media, the best place to showcase your talent
Social media, the best place to showcase your talent

“Ramesh Kumar deserved it. We have analyzed all his accounts all over the internet and we figured out that this is the guy we were looking for. I personally checked his profile and I loved the way he managed to tell 32 meanings of life in just a week by his shayaris and poems. Also, he has successfully expressed his love at least 170 times in a month for a total stranger who will most probably never read his posts, using his shayaris. This is just incredible stuff,” a government spokesperson said.

“What is even better about Ramesh is that he keeps posting them even when no one gives a shit. It takes a great man to do that, even I think twice before posting my selfies on Facebook,” he further added twirling his nose hair.

“Yes, we know that there is a big chance that his posts are plagiarized but that makes him even more deserving. I mean can you imagine someone making an effort to copy and paste that shit,” he went on to add.

On the other hand, Ramesh Kumar is on cloud 9 and is posting happy poems ever since he heard from the Government.

Maloom na tha iska bhi inaam aisa milega, naach meri bulbul tujhe paisa milega,” Ramesh reacted when Faking News asked how he was feeling. When our reporter asked him about best of his shayaris he thought for a while and said “Kudrat ne banaya tha tujhe mere liye, fir bhi tune kisi aur ke saath fere liye.”

“Well, I hope that now they will make me the group admin on WhatsApp,” a cheerful Ramesh said when inquired about his future plans.