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Govt. bans use of names like Pepper, Urban, Flip, Snap, Kart etc for online startups

05, Apr 2016 By @jurnoleast

In a big jolt to online startups in the country Govt. has come out with a list of words that henceforth cannot be used for naming startups.

Finally some hope
Finally some hope

Speaking to Faking News, a highly placed official from PMO said, “We have been getting complaints from the general public regarding the misleading names of some of the startups. The names don’t give a correct picture about the kind of business these companies are involved in. Every other startup ends with a ‘Kart’. I mean is it like ‘Gandhi’ surname for politics or ‘Kapoor’ surname for Bollywood that will guarantee success?”

Similar views were echoed by many online purchasers who felt that there was an immediate need to come up with better names.

“The other day I wanted to order something for dinner, so I logged onto Pepperfry hoping to get something to eat. I was so engrossed in the cricket match that I didn’t care what I was ordering. To my surprise what arrived at my doorstep was a Queen size bed,” said Rahul Joshi, an Investment Banker.

Sources say that Govt. also intends to take up the issue of typo’s  that are passed off as brand names.

Meanwhile, many entrepreneurs are upset with diktat and feel that the Govt. is infringing on their ‘freedom of expressing limited creativity through misleading names’.