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Groom fails to laugh at Foofa ji’s WhatsApp joke, Angry Foofa boycotts wedding

16, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rohtak: 27 yrs old Anshuman’s wedding preparations have hit some trouble today when his Foofa ji informed him that he won’t be attending the wedding. Apparently, Foofa ji is angry that Anshuman didn’t respond with a smiley when Foofa ji shared a joke in family WhatsApp group. whatsapp_5

Anshuman’s entire family is on a WhatsApp group where everyone shares every forwarded message they get and pretend to like the messages shared by other family members.

When our reporter contacted Anshuman’s Foofa ji, Mr Sharma, he got angry remembering the incident and said, “What do these young kids think of themselves? No respect for the elderly. When anyone else shares any message in the group, Anshuman replies with 5-5 smileys but when Foofa ji does it, simply ignore it. I kept waiting for 12 hrs after sending the message but did I get a smiley, nope. In fact he sent LOL to another message shared by his Chacha after my joke.”

“It took me so much effort to find a joke that wasn’t yet shared in that group. I spent 1 hour on Google to find a unique joke and then 1 more hour selecting an appropriate pic to send after that message but nobody appreciates hard work here. Why should I go to his wedding if he doesn’t respect me at all?” Foofa ji asked us.

When we contacted Anshuman to get his side of the story, he said, “Arey yaar I don’t read any message in that group. I just send random smileys or LOL or Haha every few hours to give them an impression that I am reading their messages. Now how was I to know that my LOL will land after Chacha ji’s joke and Foofa ji’s joke will get ignored.”

“I had kept this group on mute for an entire year. Do you know the kind of forwards one gets in a family WhatsApp group? I only unmuted it a month before my wedding to send the marriage invitation and get their RSVPs. In hindsight, that was a bad move. If I had gone personally to deliver cards, at least I would have avoided this unpleasantness”, Anshuman added.

Meanwhile, Anshuman’s father has assured him that its nothing to worry about as an upset Foofa is an integral part of every wedding.