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Guy who did not get anonymous feedbacks on Sarahah found submitting responses from fake profiles

11, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

The Sarahah portal has gripped the nation with its innovative concept of leaving feedback for people without revealing their identity. Posts from Sarahah have significantly dominated the timelines of Facebook users since the last week. Indian users have been found sharing links to their Sarahah profiles on their Facebook timeline and requesting their friends to leave an anonymous opinion about them that is interesting and worth sharing.

Following the trend, Daood (26), a Facebook user from Delhi shared his Sarahah link to his Facebook timeline multiple times but received no feedback. Embarrassed by the poor response, Daood started leaving anonymous feedbacks for himself from fake profiles to share with his Facebook friends.

The incident came to light after speculations grew as one of the Sarahah feedbacks he shared on his timeline read, “I had an amazing date with you, Daood, and I would love to date you again”.

Daood’s Facebook friend, Amaan, who left us a tip-off regarding the incident, told us, “Daood is an engineering student. It is not just difficult but impossible for him to have a girl date him. That’s exactly where my suspicion grew that he submits responses for himself from fake profiles.”

Another friend in his Facebook profile, who grew suspicious of his online activities, said, “Lately, he’d been sharing a lot of Sarahah feedbacks but none of them had a “Go to Pakistan!” message in it. Now, tell me, if you are a Muslim living in India after 2014, how is that possible,” he explained.

When we confronted Daood, he rubbished all these speculations, “It’s true that I am an engineering student and cannot have a girlfriend. However, like every other engineering student, I also am preparing for civil services exams for a better future and will end up working in an MNC after pursuing MBA. It’s horrible how you media people fail to observe the scenario and jump to conclusions,” he said and went on to submit another feedback from a fake profile.