Guy using Snapchat on 2G nominated for CID Gallantry Award

06, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

Monday was an amazing day for Mumbai-based Suyash Mehra, when he was nominated for CID Gallantry Award by ACP Pradyuman and his team. What Suyash has done is no small feat. It requires great courage and determination. Suyash has been nominated for this award because he had the audacity to operate and use Snapchat.. wait for it.. while he was on 2G.

Yes, we gasped at the news too. In today’s world when even thinking of opening Snapchat for anything less than 4G requires valor, Suyash has done the same while being on 2G.

We got hold of Suyash and he said, “I use Vodafone 4G and I pay Rs. 499 for it. No, I actually I use Vodafone 2G at the price of 4G because most of the time the network is at 2G. Wasn’t this the 2G scam that was in news recently?”

After his misconception was cleared by our reporter, Suyash continued, “Anyway, so I am on Snapchat since the last 4 years. I have a score of more than 100,000. I usually operate Snapchat at night when the network is better. But that night (the night when he achieved the feat), I was talking to this girl that I had met on Tinder. We talked on Whatsapp, Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook, everywhere. After one month of talking daily for 14 hours, she had finally agreed to take our relationship ahead. I was eating dinner when she sent me a text on Snapchat asking ‘Want nudes?’ I ate my last bite of food and ran towards faster than The Flash. I replied with a ‘yes’ and began waiting.”

“But at that exact moment, I suddenly became the most famous guy on earth. The whole world started calling me and sending me messages for trivial reasons. Even my previous crushes that had ignored me my whole life messaged me on Facebook. It was a tough choice for me to not reply. Snapchat was the only priority at that moment. I cut many calls, ignored messages, even blocked people, as the network was 2G and other things were blocking the net bandwidth. I only wanted to use Snapchat. So I uninstalled every application on my phone except Snapchat. And then she sent a pic. It took me exactly 25 minutes to load the snap, but it was worth it,” he smiled.

No doubt, Suyash has done something that we don’t even think of doing. As the quote rightly says “Fortune favors the brave”; this bravery has enabled Suyash to achieve a happy ending.