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Guy with a headache browses medical websites, now writing his will as he is convinced he is dying

17, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 28 yrs old Alok Kumar, who is suffering from a minor headache is convinced that he is dying and has started drafting his will. He got this impression after he went online and checked medical websites to see what his symptoms could mean.

With Google, everyone is a doctor

Self-diagnosing a disease is very popular among internet users these days and people frequently go to medical websites to see what their symptoms could mean. Most of these websites r full of scary sounding names and diseases and every visitor leaves convinced that he has a deadly disease.

“I was feeling a bit uneasy this morning and had a little headache. I thought about going to the chemist to get some medicine but then I thought, maybe I should check online what my symptoms could man. It is good to be well informed you know. So I opened a few websites and checked my symptoms, I am potentially having 67 deadly diseases as per these websites. There is no way I can live through that”, Alok said with a very sad face.

“It is only a matter of waiting now, which one of those 67 diseases will kill me. I am also preparing my will as I don’t know how much time I have. The website mentioned anything between 3 months to 10 yrs. I am not sure when my time will come but at least I will b ready to go whenever it comes”, Alok added.

When we asked Alok’s flatmate Varun bout the health of his flatmate, he said, “What deadly disease? He had half a bottle of Whisky last night, must be the hangover. Will give him a couple of beers, all deadly diseases will disappear along with that headache.”