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Honeymoon picture on Facebook receives “Hang Kasab” comment

03, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Supriya, who uploaded her recent Honeymoon pictures on Facebook for her friends to ‘like’ and comment upon, was left a bit confused as one of her Facebook friends commented on a picture with a message calling for immediate execution of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru.

“It was a picture of Siddharth holding me by the Sicily beach,” the 26-year-old who married her longtime boyfriend earlier this June, informed about the picture on which the comment was posted, “The comment said – How long will Indians die while terrorists enjoy biryani? Hang Kasab and Afzal. Post it all over Facebook. Jai Hind!”

Addicted to Facebook
Supriya had kept looking at her laptop screen awaiting cool comments after uploading her honeymoon pictures

The comment was posted by a certain Vivek Veer Singhal, who somehow has been on Supriya’s list of friends on Facebook for over two years now.

“I’ve absolutely no frigging idea who is he,” said Supriya, “I don’t even know why I added him. But what worries me more is why did he post that comment on my honeymoon pic? Worse, that comment received 37 likes as against 35 likes on the original pic.”

Supriya, whose every status update and picture used to receive dozens of likes and comments before she updated her relationship status on Facebook, admitted that she was very depressed with the numbers, and wondered if her honeymoon was not as exciting as she originally thought.

“Every time we got a picture clicked during our Euro trip, I could imagine a string of likes and comments like – ‘supercool’, ‘wow’, ‘so romantic’, ‘you guys look awesome’, ‘where is this place?’ – getting posted on the pic in quick succession,” Supriya recalled her honeymoon experience, “But I had never imagined this happening.”

“He even tagged a Facebook page called ‘Hang Kasab’ on the face of Siddharth in the picture!” a visibly upset Supriya said.

When asked why she doesn’t remove Vivek from her friends-list, Supriya said that she feared losing important data as Vivek had earlier ‘liked’ all her status updates and pictures, including the honeymoon picture in question.

While experts suspect Supriya of nursing an “identity crisis” that has pushed her to worry too much about her virtual life, leading television journalist Sagarika Ghose has blamed Internet Hindus like Vivek for the phenomenon.