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IIT student throws black ink on Mark Zuckerberg, says lost grades due to wasting time on Facebook

28, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Even as Mark Zukerberg was addressing a gathering at IIT Delhi, there were protests outside the auditorium by students against the Facebook founder and a student even managed to throw ink at him, causing embarrassment for the authorities.

Mark Zuckerberg addressing the crowd at IIT D
Mark Zuckerberg addressing the crowd at IIT D

According to eyewitness a group of IIT Delhi students started protesting the moment Mark Zuckerberg entered the venue. They were upset because of their falling grades and blamed it on the time they wasted on Facebook.

“I remember playing FarmVille and Mafia Wars on Facebook the entire day, even when my exams were going on. Farmers are committing suicide and Mafia dons are caught and brought back to the country. Now I realize that I have ruined by future because of this Facebook addiction,” said Tarun Bhagat, a third year mechanical engineering student at IIT D.

Apparently, Tarun’s case is not an isolated one. Students from many Engineering and MBA colleges who were Facebook addicts when they joined college are now realizing that the time spent on FB  has not added any value. “It’s not like I can show the number of likes on  my FB post as achievement in my resume,” said a student of IIT Mumbai.

Ministry of HRD has taken cognizance of this issue and is planning to take some positive steps to address grievances of affected students. “We are checking if time spent on Facebook can be included as work experience on CV,” said Smriti Irani.

Meanwhile, reacting to initial reports, Campus Administrator KV Sharma said that some ‘anti-social media’ elements have indeed thrown black ink at Mr. Zuckerberg, but it is not yet confirmed if they really are IIT students. “I asked the security guards to bring the protesting students in my office for questioning. They didn’t look like regular IIT Delhi students. I mean they looked too old to be students. I think some FTII students strayed into our campus by mistake or they probably are Sena activists of some local wing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Uddhav Thackeray has denied involvement in the ink throwing incident and blamed the media for ‘painting the sena black’ every time an ink throwing incident is reported. “I am also harassed by these candy crush requests but I still wouldn’t throw ink at him for that,” he said.