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Jobless Twitter and Facebook users can now show time spent on social media as Work Experience in their resume

24, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: In what can come as a relief for millions of jobless people who spend time on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, the Ministry of HRD is planning to include time spent on social media as work experience.

Speaking to Faking News an official in the HRD Ministry said, “Given the amount of skilled and educated human resource we have, it is important that the skills are utilized in the best possible way. Statistics reveal that in our country many qualified people are jobless and majority of them are active on Twitter and Facebook. We are going ahead with this move to ensure that the time spent on social media adds value in some way. This is like MNREGA for the skilled and educated class.

My past work experience includes 3 yrs on Twitter and Facebook
My past work experience includes 3 yrs on Twitter and Facebook

Rohan Joshi, an engineer-MBA who is currently jobless had this to say, “I quit my job in 2012 after being bitten by entrepreneurial bug and very soon I realized it is not my cup of tea. I had nothing better to do with my time so I joined social media and I am happy that I met other jobless and like-minded people. Now I don’t even have to worry about the gap in my CV as the time I wasted on twitter will add to my work experience.”

Meanwhile, Congress Party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi criticized the government for ignoring the common man. Addressing a rally in Amethi he spoke on the issue and said, “Smriti Irani ji aap se aapki berozgari bhi chheen na chahti hai. Congress ki sarkar ne MNREGA banaya, toh BJP ne bhi ameero ke liye MNREGA bana liya. Iss sarkar se koi ummmeed mat rakhna.”

BJP was quick to react to Rahul Gandhi’s jibe. IT Minister R S Prasad said, “Why is Mr. Rahul Gandhi forgetting that he too is on twitter. HRD Ministry has taken the right step and Rahulji should be grateful that HRD ministry had given him something to write on his CV.