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Lakhs of net-neutrality support emails hit TRAI’s inbox, Telcos to now bill TRAI on per-incoming email basis

16, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In an interesting turn of events ASNL, the internet service provider to TRAI, has decided to put additional charges on TRAI for every email that arrives in the inboxes of TRAI employees. These charges would be in addition to TRAI’s monthly unlimited internet package of 15 MBPS speed & 60 GB download limit. This decision was taken after ASNL found out that TRAI employees were getting huge inflow of emails to their inboxes and were enjoying reading them without paying for them.

TRAI was flooded with emails.
TRAI was flooded with emails.

ASNL’s media office released the following statement to press today morning, “We completely support the concept of net-neutrality, infact we are taking it to the next level which is called net-equality. Since everyone in the country is going to be charged different tariff for different types of internet services, why not start with TRAI. Moreover we want TRAI to lead by example in this case and this is a very apt opportunity for them to do so.”

When we emailed ASNL asking why this step, to levy additional charges, was taken all of a sudden, we got back a very concise reply which made no absolute sense. It said, “In taking this step, we are following the global standards because we believe in equality. We also believe that all the netizens, even the subscribers in villages, should be able to access free internet. Consequently we will charge a different tariffs to all internet users for every different type of internet service consumed.”

While it is not yet clear what is the exact amount which ASNL is going to bill to TRAI for lakhs of incoming emails and how will that affect TRAI’s profit & loss statements in the coming quarters, but it is rumored all TRAI offices have been asked to drastically reduce their Whatsapp, Viber and Skype consumption in light of current events.