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Local boy takes referendum to decide upon whether to remain or leave a Whatsapp group

25, Jun 2016 By wittaminC

Today was the luckiest day for Mr. Santosh Tichkule as he was able to exit from a family Whatsapp group after the majority voted in favour of him in a referendum taken today.

Sexit or Sremain?
Sexit or Sremain?

“I was planning to leave this group an year back but because of family and relative pressure I was not able to execute my plans,” Santosh said.

Santosh told us that he was fed up of the daily ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night’ messages that he used to receive. He added that on his board exams result day, each of his relatives started asking about his marks. He decided not to reply but then his distant aunt posted a messsage : ‘Santosh beta, your blue tick is on, why are you not replying ?’ One of his uncles who is also the group admin shared the marksheet of Sharmaji’s Son on the group and everybody started discussing about Santosh’s future on the group.

“That was not the only incident,” Santosh said. “I once woke up to see 292 unread messages on the group. And all the 292 were ‘Happy Rose day’. It was only after this incident that he finally decided to leave the group,” he added.

He went to his father to talk about it who gave him the default reply – ‘Chaar log kya kahenge‘, the same reply which he received when he sought his dad’s permission to become a Fashion photographer instead of an engineer. He then went to his grandfather and told him about his intentions of leaving the group. He in turn replied that it’s not easy to leave a Whatsapp group as it is considered as ‘apshakun‘ in India. However after having an hour long discussion with his family pujari Mr. Dayanand Yogi, he came out with this idea of referendum.

Santosh told us that initially he was not sure that he would be able to win the referendum as all his aunts and uncles wanted him to remain in the group as he is the butt of most of their jokes. But he was able to win the votes of his cousins in the exchange of a 3G recharge of 1GB.

“One of my uncles even started trending #Sexit once the news of referendum became official,” Santosh added.

Santosh has thanked FN for covering his story and has also urged the readers never ever to join a family whatsapp group.