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Mafia Wars player surrenders before police, sent for rehabilitation

28, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

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Mumbai. Sixteen years old Sachin Gawli, a level 501 player of Mafia Wars with a family size of seven, surrendered in Borivali police station today. Sachin had been playing Mafia Wars for more than nine months and had amassed huge cash and property by robbing other mafias and visiting Cuba. Sachin also possessed a huge cache of weapons and vehicles, which the police are trying to recover, but his energy level had dropped alarmingly, the most likely reason he decided to surrender.

“He came to the police station very dejected this morning and looked battered. We thought he had been assaulted by some local bhai but we were shocked when he confessed that he was a member of mafia and wanted to surrender! He promised to hand over all his guns, property, cash, etc. to the government but wanted a safe passage to hospital to get his energy back. We couldn’t understand what was happening but told him that we agreed to his demands.” Zinga Lala, the local police inspector told Faking News.

The local police officials rang up the top bosses in Mumbai Crime Branch to inform them about Sachin Gawli’s surrender, who later visited Borivali police station to interrogate Sachin. Sachin handed over his laptop to the police officials and started crying profusely for mercy. Police could get the hang of the whole situation only after the thirteen years old Bunty, son of Mumbai Police Commissioner, happened to visit the local Police station.

“Bunty was getting restless outside in his daddy’s police car as he was getting late for his kung-fu-cum-salsa classes. He barged into the police station to ask his dad how much more time he would take. When he heard the whole story he was hyper excited and embraced Sachin Gawli, pleading him to allow an entry to his mafia family. We were all very shocked but later on Bunty explained the situation to us.” Zinga Lala recounted the turn of events.

Mumbai Police have confiscated the laptop of Sachin, which couldn’t boot due to some virus attack, and are now trying to recover the data, such as Sachin’s weapons and vehicles, from the hard disk. But Sachin told them that all his property and weapons were stored on a central server and only The Godfather could release them. Sachin again started crying and pleaded that he shouldn’t be punished for having contact with The Godfather.

Sachin was reassured by Police officials that he won’t be punished for anything, and they would appeal to the government to pardon his crimes like possession of weapons and his multiple illegal travels to Cuba. Sachin wanted a written assurance, to which the police agreed keeping in mind the delicate nature of the case.

Sachin was sent to a juvenile remand home for rehabilitation after he got the letter of assurance. He is reportedly happy with today’s turn of events and hopes to start a new life now. Sachin agrees that he made a mistake.

“I am not going to commit the same mistakes again in my life. I’d keep my family size smaller this time and would never allow an energy pack to go waste. I’d also add Bunty as a friend on facebook because his family members could be of help. Man, his dad is in police, can you believe it! God, I’m so thankful that I took the right decisions in my life, now I’d kick the asses of other mafias!” Sachin told Faking News as he was being taken away to remand home.