Man breaks record after inviting 500 people on Hike; says the number is more than the people he invited on his wedding

18, Nov 2017 By Akash Vadera

Hike Messenger is recently in news again for its bizarre yet unique strategy that it has applied to gain more users. Hike now enables their users to get a certain amount of cash, which will be stored in what they are calling it as Hike Wallet.

The basic process is as follows – If you use Hike and you invite anyone on it, you get cash rewards. The rewards go up to Rs. 10,000. Following this, Rajdeep Sharma, a Delhi resident, started inviting as many people on Hike as he can. He didn’t stop until the count reached till 500, which is more than double the number of people he had invited on his wedding.

Rajdeep isn’t available on phone or on Whatsapp. So we had to contact him through Hike for the interview. We interviewed him at his home and here’s what he said, “I am totally in love with this new ‘Pay users for inviting others’ strategy that Hike has adopted. I have accumulated Rs. 15,000 in my Hike wallet till now. I am an engineer by profession working in an IT company and I have been put on bench since the last 6 months. I didn’t know what to do during my free office hours so I used to attend the weddings happening in the marriage hall next to our office. Just to kill time and to justify all the free food I ate there, I used to join the bride’s side in inviting and welcoming guests. This was my daily routine for 6 months. Then one day I got a message from a friend saying that I’ll get money if I invite people on Hike.”

“I had gotten very accustomed to inviting people but now I was to get money for that. Earlier, I got only food.” He further adds “So I took it as a challenge to invite as many people as I can. And to just to let you know I had invited around 200 people on my own wedding. But just 2 days ago, my Hike invitation count went up to 500.” When asked how he’s going to utilize the amount in his Hike wallet, he said “At present there are not many things you can shop using Hike money, like you can on PayTM. As of now, I can only do recharges and order like 2-3 things using Hike wallet. But soon Hike is going to add more options and by the time it does, I plan to invite a whole city on Hike,” he added.

We like the enthusiasm and spirit of Rajdeep and we wish him all the best on this task. So if you receive a message on your phone asking you to join Hike, you now know who it may be!