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Man caught stealing mobile phones to follow himself from different Twitter accounts

13, Jul 2014 By @Being_Humor

Mumbai. For a few weeks now, people travelling in Mumbai locals have been complaining and tweeting about their mobile phones getting stolen for a short duration. The mystery has now been solved.

It happened this morning when Gaurang (27) went to Bandra police station to file an FIR for his stolen mobile phone, which was later found in his own bag. On further investigation, police discovered that that it was Gaurang who had been stealing those phones.

Twitter on smartphone
The ultimate goal in life

“One of our constables, Pandurang, is on Twitter. He threatened to unfollow Gaurang, after which he immediately confessed to his crime,” Sub Inspector of Bandra police station told Faking News.

Gaurang later publicly confessed by tweeting: “Got arrested, for stealing my own phone. I am either Schizophrenic or Kleptomaniac or both.”

The tweet got 50 RTs, making Gaurang happy, due to which he revealed everything about himself to constable Pandurang.

Pandurang extracted the details of Gaurang’s modus operandi after interacting with him on Twitter though DMs (Direct Messages), even though both of them were sitting in the same police station.

“He was not stealing mobile phones to sell them off and make quick money,” Pandurang revealed, “He used to steal smartphones, look for the Twitter app, open it, and then follow his own Twitter account from the stolen mobile. Once his follower count went up, he would drop off the phones from where he first stole those.”

“In fact, once he gave himself #FF from Twitter account of one person whose phone he had stolen. Fortunately for him, that person was on Twitter only to troll celebrities and didn’t even notice the unusual tweet on his Timeline,” disclosed the online savvy constable, who was once suspended for tweeting while working.

Pandurang is now hoping to get promotion, salary hike, and a 50% increase in follower count after he solved this case.

While Pandurang was giving interview to Faking News, this reporter stealthily picked up the constable’s smartphone and followed himself. Faking News has given show cause notice to the reporter, who claims he’s not any threat to the society.