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Man changes his Facebook DP to that of a girl, gets 500 notifications in 5 minutes

30, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

KanpurA 24 year old man, Uday Chopra, was in for a total surprise after he received some 500+ (and counting) notifications yesterday on his Facebook account.

Uday who had so far received only 19 notifications ever since he joined Facebook in 2009, 11 of which were some app related requests, had yesterday uploaded pic of a random girl from across the border as his profile pic.

He acted on the advice of a social media expert, who runs a Facebook coaching centre in the city, whom he paid a huge sum of money to bring a change in fortunes of his Facebook life.

Totally flooded..
Totally flooded..

Earlier Uday would update his status 15 times a day, share various pics, etc but still all he used to get was some random app requests.

“The first time he got a request asking for life on candy crush from a girl, he couldn’t fathom what it was and immediately bought a shroud for himself ready to lay down his life for her,” revealed Uday’s friend how dearth of notifications would make him take any notification on face value.

Frustrated he even started tagging 10 people in his posts and still only 1 of them would like it, with remaining either abusing him for spamming their notifications or threatening to unfriend him.

But yesterday just as he uploaded a girl’s pic as DP, he received notifications loaded with likes and comments from not only his friends, but friends of friends, friends of friends of friends and even rank strangers.

While many in his profile were confused who this hot looking girl was and if she was some stranger they had earlier sent a friend request to, who has accepted their request.

Few whose brains were still working, looked for things beyond pic and realized it was a trap and continued to troll him with comments like “Dude sex change?”