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Man claims making crores by just posting "Free-Recharge" comments on Facebook posts

27, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi:  Vijay D. Chauhan, a young college student who has been posting free recharge comments on Facebook for quite some time now, has shocked his friends and relatives by declaring that he has earned assets worth 47 crores in the past one year only through his online “free-recharge” business.

Vijay has reportedly claimed to have build two properties worth 20 crores each in Delhi and Mumbai and claims to possess around 7 crores in cash and gold bars, all of which he has reportedly acquired in the past one year.

Vijay at work.

Mr. Dinesh Chauahan, who is Vijay’s father, teaches in a nearby community college. He has dismissed Vijay’s claims as rubbish and is apparently quite angry on the path his son has taken.

“People abuse him and taunt him all the time on the Facebook because of these stupid recharge messages he continuously posts. Some users even end up blocking and reporting him. He has been permanently banned from Facebook twice, but he managed to create different accounts and get back. I felt so embarrassed due to his behavior that one day I had to unfriend him on Facebook. The other day, our neighbor Kapoor saab pinged me on FB messenger and showed me a Facebook post where Vijay was being ridiculed by thousands of people for posting a free recharge message on a sad post written by a dying cancer patient. Other day I came across a post where Vijay has posted a free re-charge comment on the photo of a kid who has been missing for 14 months and his parents are desperate to find him. I am not sure if he has earned crores in money but he has for sure lost crores in goodwill. I even feel ashamed to declare him as son on my FB account.”

Jasjeet J who has been close friend of Vijay also expressed his concerns to Faking news- “Vijay used to be a normal guy an year back. A college drop-out, loved samosas, used to eve-tease girls. Wore fake ‘IIT Inside’ t-shirts and rode around Delhi University North Campus on his old bike, trying to woo girls. All cool-stuff you know. But he suddenly started remaining secluded and cut-off from others. He started skipping late night daru parties with friends. We initially thought ladki ka maamla hai (probably a love affair gone horribly wrong). But one day he declared that he has joined this mysterious online business, wherein he posts ‘free-recharge’ comments on Facebook posts and walls. He also claimed that he will have to deposit Rs. 2 lakhs to someone for this business and then he will soon start earning Rs. 5 lakhs per month afterwards. We all explained to him that all this looks like a ponzi scheme and he is just wasting his time and money, but he ignored all good advice. We lost touch with him soon after.”

While Vijay’s claims about his so-called wealth have not been verified, he has reportedly been bugging some freshers across university campuses to deposit 2 lakhs with him and he then claims to make them millionaires overnight. It is also being reported that he has been slapped with a legal notice by a South Delhi businessman Mr. Rao for posting a free recharge comment on the wedding-invite FB page of Mr. Rao’s daughter’s grand wedding.