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Man contemplates suicide after visiting all ‘50 Places to Visit Before You Die’

26, Aug 2015 By thepelicanclub

Bangalore. In a major blow to Idea of India, Mahendra Lodhi, a successful entrepreneur has written to the President asking his permission to commit suicide. Sources say that he s neither facing any financial distress or relationship stress but still contemplating this Krantikari move.

Mahendra Lodhi seriously thinking if his life is worth living
Mahendra Lodhi seriously thinking if his life is worth living

Friends confirm that Mahendra recently returned from a world tour and came across Pooppoop’s listicle titled, ‘50 Places To Visit Before You Die’. Excited and hoping to find new destinations for his next trip, Mahendra quickly browsed all 50 places and was crestfallen.

Flushed with investor money over last few years, Mahendra had diligently spent his time and investors money on foreign trips. By the time he came back from the latest sojourn, he had covered all 50 places from the ‘50 Places To Visit Before You Die’.

Now feeling purposeless in life, he has no intention to live anymore and as per his co-founders idea for free publicity; he is now seeking permission to end his life.

While a lot of people are making a mockery of such theatrics, Adarsh Liberals are taking the development cautiously by trying to gauge Mr. Lodhi’s political leanings. The caution though has not stopped the greatest wordsmith of our time, Shri Shri Ashutosh from displaying Pre Mature Exclamation.

“Narendra Modi must stop all foreign travel, people of Delhi are suffering. When he keeps his hair and beard grey, why is he visiting 50 different places before applying hair-dye? Why can’t he apply henna like Aam Aadmi,” he said.

When obvious mistake of him confusing the youngster’s name with PMs name was pointed out, Mr. Aashutosh swiftly ran away by jumping over his own house wall.

Meanwhile friends of Mahendra are trying to change his mind by pointing out other listicles as follows for his next adventure:

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