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Man decides to take a road trip to Leh on Google Maps after boss rejects his leave request

28, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Anoop, an IT employee in his mid twenties has decided to take a road trip to Leh on Google Maps after his leave request was turned down by his boss.

Earlier, Anoop and his three friends who live in Mumbai itself, were planning to take a roadtrip of a lifetime, but things didn’t work out the way they were expecting.

Google Maps
Cheapest road trip.

“Plan was to reach Leh via Gujarat and Rajasthan. But anyway, thanks to Google Maps, our plan is still intact,” said Anoop with a sigh of relief, “Now we will be covering the whole distance sitting in my room.”

Anoop along with his friends will start the journey from tomorrow evening after returning from their offices.

“Daily, we will be sitting together in front of my large-screen desktop for three hours, from 10 pm to 1 am,” Anoop described the idea, adding that they will keep open Google Image in another tab of the browser. “Each time we reach some city on our way to Leh, we will search images of that city to give our trip a touch of reality.”

To travel through areas with bad roads, Anoop and his friends will be using Google Maps on Internet Explorer.

“We don’t want to miss the fatigue, which we would have felt while travelling through those areas in reality,” said Anoop’s friend Amit, while explaining reason behind this. “Internet Explorer will make sure that our movement on Google Maps is slowed down automatically.”

Adding further, Amit said they would be using AC to adjust temperature according to their current region on Google Maps.

“We are ready with out winter clothes and will be reducing the temperature to minimum, once we reach Leh,” Amit told Faking News, “And no drinking while crossing Gujarat. It’s a dry state and we are law abiding citizens.”

As Anoop is expecting to complete the whole trip in week time without taking any leaves, his boss Vinay Sharma is quite happy to know about his plans.

“As a matter of fact, during new year break I am thinking of taking my whole team on a road trip to Goa, right here sitting in the office. We will be taking an hour break after each hour of travel, during which they will be finishing their pending work. It’s good to have fun with work,” quipped a jubilant Vinay.