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Man demands his iPhone after becoming lucky user no 10000 for the 10000th time in Internet pop-up ads

01, Aug 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi. Man named Naseeb Singh has achieved the un-achievable after becoming the lucky user no. 10000 for the 10000th time in pop-up advertisements on Internet. A Consulting Laborer by profession, Naseeb Singh gets lucky every time he switches on the computer with Internet connection and sometimes without Internet connection as well.

“Naseeb Singh after becoming lucky user for the 10000th time”

The moment he sees a pop –up advertisements on Internet, he knows that he has achieved another feat and won another prize which he may never get. He has contacted Faking News after being rejected by every other news portal to spread awareness about his problem.

“To tell you the truth, I may be named Naseeb Singh but I don’t think I am lucky enough to win a prize every time I switch on my modem, I have allegedly won Big Bazaar coupons, 10000 dollar, life-time supply of Lizzat Papad and almost every day I win an iPhone and last night I won iPhone 6. Due to this, many times I sold my phones hoping that I would soon get an I-phone. I have become a lucky user no. 10000 for the 10000th time now to be precise,” Naseeb Singh told Faking News as he became lucky user one more time on his smartphone.

He further said, “ It is just not that I am getting lucky in 10000 league, I am doing very well in other leagues as well, I have become lucky user no 100000 for 1000 times, lucky user no 10000000 for 100 times. I would like to use your platform to convey my grievances to those pop-up ad makers to stop playing with my emotions and if not an iPhone itself at least get me an iPhone cover for my Chinese replica of iPhone.”

If sources are to be believed, one has to become a lucky user no 10000 for at least 1 million times before he can claim his iPhone so it is issued in public interest to not waste our precious time before you reach this number.