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Man doesn’t post heartbreak quotes on Facebook after breaking up; nobody believes that he's single

08, Jun 2017 By itsmihir1993

Vivek, a resident of Anurag Towers in Kanpur tried committing suicide on Monday by jumping from his apartment on the first floor.

The 26 year-old decided to take the extreme step after his friends and family did not believe that he broke up with his girlfriend, Nidhi. Tired of failing to explain his plight to everyone, he finally decided to end life but only suffered minor injuries.

Vivek, who is a social media enthusiast, used to keep all his Facebook friends updated by posting real-time updates about his relationship with Nidhi. “He always posted relationship quotes and pictures with Nidhi. From what they were doing, where they are, which movie they are watching to what they felt about each other’s families, he posted everything on Facebook,” Rahul’s close friend told us.

“It was a very memorable day when Vivek changed his relationship status from ‘Single’ to ‘In a relationship with Nidhi’ on Facebook. Everyone in our group was so happy that we stalked Nidhi’s profile the entire day. We just can’t believe that he did not change his relationship status back to ‘Single’ after Nidhi left him last week,” said another close friend of Vivek.

He also added that everyone in his friends list keenly followed their Facebook posts to get updates on their relationship. “If they broke up, Vivek should have updated heartbreak quotes on Facebook. We invested a lot of our time in following his relationship. We needed a closure too,” said his dejected friend who lived in the same apartment in Kanpur.

Vivek’s parents fear that he might try jumping out of the balcony again. Every time he walks towards the balcony, his parents accompany him only to realise that he went to spit the pan out of his mouth.