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Man down with facebook fatigue has started hating all his friends

08, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Chanchal Kumar, a 28-year-old executive who was hospitalized and diagnosed with ‘facebook fatigue’ yesterday, has shown further signs of complications as he expressed hatred for all his friends today. Chanchal threw food, flowers and (plastic) sheep at his friends who came to meet him and gestured them to go away by putting his thumb down, screaming that he ‘unliked’ them and didn’t want to see them again.

“This is indeed worrying. Yesterday when he was brought to the hospital, he was refusing to talk to anyone. Today he talked and spoke but appeared very violent in his actions. It seems he has started hating all his friends, especially those with whom he is connected through facebook.” Dr. Mark Mehta, a psychologist treating Chanchal said.

Chanchal’s family members inform that he used to be very regular and addicted to facebook, reading and replying to ‘feeds’ and ‘updates’ of all his friends, apart from updating his own profile daily. He had more than a thousand friends and was happy to have been voted ‘the coolest person’ by his friends. He seemed to be happy.

“He was very sociable. He’d feed the virtual pets of his friends join their mafia to rob enemies. There was virtually no request he had declined. He’d respond to all the queries by his friends and suggest them the color of the collar they should buy for their brown Chihuahua. He’d poke friends back and ask how they spilled water on their dining table or console them after reading that they had lost their blue hanky in a crowded bus. I don’t know what happened a couple of days back.” Chanchal’s younger brother Gambhir wondered.

Chanchal’s friends too are surprised and shocked over his condition and they have multiple theories to explain this unfortunate incident. Many believe that Chanchal could not digest his friendship request being declined by Priyanka Chopra, while others think that he was shocked at his position being slipped to second number in the ‘coolest person contest’ on facebook. Friends have been discussing Chanchal’s condition on facebook since the last two days as they still try to find out the reason why Chanchal had to go through all this.

“I guess the last nail in his coffin was driven by his ex-girlfriend, who uploaded all her honeymoon pictures on facebook and published them with naughty captions. She even wrote a rather hot note on her marriage and honeymoon experience and tagged Chanchal in her note. I really hate that bi*ch and pray Chanchal recovers soon.” one of the friends of Chanchal wrote it in his facebook note.

Man showing symptoms of facebook fatigue
Man showing symptoms of facebook fatigue

But Doctors believe that Chanchal has been a victim of a latest diseased diagnosed as ‘facebook fatigue’. The disease grips people when they struggle to grapple with too much of information and activity that happens around them on facebook. Doctors warn that a person slowly goes into hibernation and then coma if he fails to deal with the fatigue. No cure yet has been found but experts advise some precautions.

“Don’t accept arbitrary requests, whether to join an application or to make new friends. Use your news feed settings to control the level of information you want to receive on your homepage, and if needed, hide or block news feeds from particular sources. Don’t feel bad about it, you are not disrespecting your friends by doing so, rather you are saving your friendship and of course your mental and physical health.” Dr. Justin Jokerberg, a facebook expert gave some tips.