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Man ends childhood friendship as his friend fails to post Facebook's 'Say Thanks' video for him

25, Nov 2014 By Akash

New Delhi. From being a reason for divorces, suicides, and  break-ups, Facebook yesterday achieved a new milestone when it ended a 20-year-old friendship between two guys Sonu and Monu.

Sonu, who believes Facebook is the sole reason for human existence and also holds an opinion that a man is judged by his deeds on this virtual world, yesterday ended the 20 years old friendship with his best friend Monu. His Facebook friends alleged that Sonu ended his ties with Monu when the later didn’t share a video saying “thanks” to him.

Post it NOW for your friends.
Post it NOW for your friends.

Doubting Sonu’s friends’ bizarre  allegations, Faking News tried to reach out to him to know the truth. Initially, he was quite reluctant and was not showing up for interview. But when our reporter assured him that his interview will be published on Facebook and YouTube, Sonu agreed.

He said, “I am in a big shock by sheer indifference shown by Monu towards our friendship. I was ready to give up anything for him, even my Twitter followers. But he didn’t even care to post a #saythanks video for me. Even those whom I barely know have posted such videos for me.

When we asked that why he was taking this so seriously, he said, Look, gone are the days when a man was judged by his deeds, jobs, and honesty shown by him in the real world. Today, this all is replaced by his Facebook profile. These days man’s action – from a marriage proposal to social work to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan – are done keeping their Facebook profile in mind. Now, in such times when your best buddy doesn’t express his friendship over Facebook, how can one even think of keeping that friendship alive?

After making ‘dislike’ sigh with his right hand thumb many times, Sonu later mellowed down and said that he could reconsider his decision if Monu agreed to share this video for him at least 100 times on his Facebook profile. When we tried to contact Monu, he didn’t show up. His neighbors told us that he was in mental depression since this incident took place.

“He is now left with 1999 Facebook friends only. He desperately added 5 girls as soon as Sonu unfriended him, but no one has accepted his request, and he has failed to reach the 2000 mark,” a close friend of Monu revealed.