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Man extends his holidays by a week to answer all WhatsApp greetings received on New Year

04, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Pradeep Kumar, an IT professional was shocked to see more than three thousand unread messages in WhatsApp after he returned from a week long vacation with his family. “Being a responsible WhatsApp user, I realized that unless I answer all these messages, I will not be able to focus on my work, that is why I requested for a week of additional leave”, said Pradeep while speaking to us. fb-post

Pradeep said, “Knowing my habit of clinging on to my cellphone all the time, my wife had put a strict condition, she will come for vacation only if I keep my 3G or Wi-Fi connection OFF. Initially it was tough to adjust to this new life, but believe me, after few days I started enjoying. I even changed the settings of the mobile to airplane mode so that I don’t get disturbed by any calls either.”

“After I came back and switched on the Wi-Fi, I was flooded with all these messages. Forget groups, basic etiquette demands I need to respond to individual messages that came from my close relatives and friends. However, as I wished them, they started asking me about my wife, how is she, how was your vacation, what all we did, was there a special package you got etc etc and that really reduced by efficiency while replying to these messages. That is when I realized that I will have to take some time off from work to respond to all these wishes”, said Pradeep with a frustrated tone.

Pradeep is also planning to take a week off at the end of January to respond to all the patriotic messages expected to arrive on Republic Day.