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Man fined after not checking in on Facebook despite entering a five-star hotel

11, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 31-year-old man (name withheld on request to avoid being banned by other hotels/restaurants) was today fined by Taj group of hotels after he failed to check-in on Facebook despite spending good 15 minutes inside the prestigious Taj Mahal Hotel at Colaba.

The hotel authorities claim that rarely has it happened that a person hasn’t checked-in on Facebook after entering within first few seconds.

“Many people start doing check-ins even before their car has fully entered from the hotel gate. But he was totally apathetic and disinterested in following this custom,” the hotel manager revealed.

Facebook check-in
Some hotels give freebies for Facebook check-ins

“While I was shocked, I also felt offended and insulted seeing the man not taking out his mobile or tablet at all even after being at the lobby,” the manager claimed, “I mean, people start clicking selfies or group pictures and upload it, counting the number of ‘likes’ for the rest of their stay at the hotel. And here he was, doing nothing!”

“We have in the past witnessed many passersby outside the hotel attempting fake check-ins while have panipuri from the thela outside,” he explained.

Hotel staff claims that they gave the man many signals giving him benefit of doubt that he might have forgotten about it.

“You are at Taj Mahal now sir. You can check-in… and to your room as well,” the receptionist is reported to have said, giving him a hint, but the man didn’t respond to the feelers.

“Our General Manager even offered him his own phone in case he had left his in the car,” the receptionist explained, “The hotel management is in no way responsible for this serious breach of social norms.”

Having observed and waited for 15 minutes, the hotel authorities reported this “suspicious behavior” to Mumbai police, following which he was taken for questioning.

“He seems clean and there are no criminal records against him,” the investigating officer told Faking News, “But we asked him to pay fine of 5000 rupees as his behavior could bring disrepute to the city, and to the society.”