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Man forgets updating Earthquake status, dies of heart attack

12, Nov 2013 By Suyash

New Delhi. A man residing in the South Delhi suffered a severe heart attack this morning and collapsed on the spot. The unfortunate incident is the first casualty arising out of the mild tremors the national capital experienced last night.

The incident occurred this morning around 9:30 am when Gogo (named changed) reached his office “Superior Technologies” for work. He logged into his Facebook account to check the notifications and updates. It was just another day in office till that moment.

Richter Scale of Earthquake
The writing on the Facebook wall

Within minutes, Gogo realized that he had totally forgotten to update his Facebook status after earthquakes yesterday.

If news reports (not those on Faking News) are to be believed, Delhi was shaken by earthquakes on Monday night. The tremors shook Delhi for three times, but Gogo couldn’t share that even once on his Facebook profile.

Gogo’s wife said that Gogo was awake during the first two earthquakes. He wanted to update the status but couldn’t get time. During the first shock, Gogo was in toilet while second time his mobile was discharged. And when the tremors returned for the third time, he had already fallen asleep.

“He had decided to update his status after the first time itself (i.e. after toilet) but I forced him to run outside the house. I thought I saved his life, but now I can’t forgive myself,” Gogo’s wife told this reporter.

But this morning, when Gogo saw that several girls had updated statuses like “Earthquake: feeling scared”, “Earthquake – me shaking” and so on, he became sad. His desperation reached the pinnacle when he saw one such status receiving 500+ likes and people commenting – “Oh baby, get well soon”, “God bless you dear”, “Muhh baby, take care”.

Suddenly Gogo started screaming and he collapsed on the floor.

Gogo’s wife was inconsolable but still she talked to us. She told us how dedicated Gogo was to Facebook. He used to update his statuses while he took bath or answered a nature’s call. In fact, he had updated “Feeling hungry” on their wedding’s first night before going to sleep.

The shock of not being able to share something on Facebook proved to be more fatal than a shock arising out of a deadly earthquake.

In other news, government has condemned this death and have planned to sue Facebook.