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Man gets life-changing idea, but continues timepass on internet

23, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Ravi Kumar, an avid user of life-saving services like Twitter and Facebook, got a life-changing idea earlier today, but he preferred to pass time on Twitter and Facebook rather than acting on the idea.

“Well, it was not an idea that could have cured AIDS or cleaned politics of India, but it was surely an idea that would have changed the life of Ravi a little,” a source (Ravi’s frustrated father) told Faking News.

Internet Addiction
A representative picture of Ravi at work

Ravi, whose life is in real mess allegedly due to his internet addiction (as confirmed by the source) got the idea of doing some real work in real life and get his life in order for a few hours, but couldn’t summon enough enthusiasm to act on the idea.

“Well, I did think of taking a bath (after five days) as it’s getting hotter these days, and I also thought I’d read up a little as the syllabus backlog was piling up, but right at that time I saw Shreya’s new picture uploaded on Facebook,” Ravi recalled how he missed the historic opportunity to change his life a little.

After liking Shreya’s picture and commenting “wow, looking nice ya”, Ravi went on to check her entire Facebook album, totally forgetting about the idea he had got earlier.

“She was really looking beautiful, I even went out in the balcony to see if she was in her balcony,” Ravi recalled the only physical work he did the whole day.

“She want’s there so I came back home, I mean the homepage of Facebook, and by then there was this anti-Sehwag post that this asshole had put, and it totally put me off,” Ravi recalled how his life-changing idea was dumped in favor of settling some scores on internet, as he switched to Twitter to abuse the anti-Sehwag guy from his fake account.

“Maybe tomorrow,” Ravi said when asked when he might get another idea to act upon. He was busy typing something on internet past midnight (technically ‘tomorrow’), when reports last came in.