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Man goes into depression after FB friend forgets to mention his name under 'Pic Courtesy'

16, Aug 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: In a disheartening incident, a software engineer from India’s Silicon Valley went into depression after his friend and colleague forgot to credit him for the latter’s new profile picture on Facebook.

Depressed Niraash needs recognition
Depressed Niraash needs recognition

Niraash is an employee of a reputed IT firm in Bangalore and likes to spend time with friends and family during weekends. In what is believed to be an act intended to impress friends, he purchased a high profile DSLR camera and was frequently taking their pictures even if they hadn’t requested him to do so.

After continuous nagging, one of Niraash’s friends named Bardaash agreed to pose for a picture in front of Starbucks Coffee.

Later in the day, Bardaash uploaded the picture sent by his self-proclaimed photography expert friend on Facebook as his new profile picture. To his surprise, there were already 175 likes within a span of 30 minutes.

Bardaash’s friends had posted a wide variety of comments on his update; “Awesome pic <3", "Who's this star from Bollywood? Never saw him before", "Aare saale thodi ladkiyan hume bhi chor do", "Whose the photographer?" etc. to mention a few. Inspite of multiple comments asking for the person who clicked this, Bardaash remained silent. This was silently being observed by Niraash as the like count crossed 200 with Bardaash showing no signs of revealing the photographer. After waiting for 3 hours or so, Niraash decided to sell his camera on OLX as his efforts for taking a beautiful pic were not recognized. “I waited a lot for that courtesy note. Atleast, he could have clicked ‘Edit’ and updated something like ‘Pic Courtesy’. This way I would have got tagged and even my friends would have liked this pic. Anyway, I think photography is not for me. Selling the camera online, let me know if you want to buy”, said Niraash as he spoke to a Faking News reporter.