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Man inspired from Internet Explorer doing what he actually wants to do without caring what others think

30, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Saurabh Agrawal, a web developer by profession is taking inspiration from the Internet Explorer (IE) to do what he actually wants to do without caring about what others think.

Saurabh is a huge fan of IE’s cool attitude and the way it handles criticism without changing the way it works.

Inspirational figure.

“People are hurling abuses at IE for running slow since its birth, but it keeps functioning the way it wants to. It just doesn’t give a damn about what others have to say and that’s why it’s my source of inspiration,” Saurabh explained, adding that he wants to get exactly the same temperament. “There is a maturity in IE’s behavior and I want the same.”

“Whenever I feel low after being thrashed my boss or my client, I always think, what IE would have done in this situation and then I do exactly the same. I just turn a deaf ear to criticism and continue being who I really am,” Saurabh continued, “I am what I am. Just like IE, I too want to rise above this ‘chaar log kya kahenge‘ crap.”

Saurabh also thanks Microsoft for being an understanding parent by allowing IE to remain what it is.

“However, initially Microsoft did try to bring change in IE’s attitude, but finally gave up. Now, like a good parent, Microsoft is supporting IE. Despite having so much money and resources, they are not arm-twisting IE any further and I really appreciate this,” Saurabh told Faking News.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from Saurabh’s point of view, Microsoft is planning to capitalize on this hidden power of Internet Explorer. As per sources, the idea is to rebrand IE as a motivational browser.

“Guys at Microsoft want to attract and motivate youngsters by presenting IE as a rebel who doesn’t believe in walking on a conventional path. The new branding campaign will highlight how IE refused to take part in the mad race of being the fastest internet browser and chose a path of its own,” revealed a source.