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Man invests all his time in getting likes for his Facebook page

06, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Sources at Facebook confirm that Raviraj Ram Singh, 23-years-old as per the website records, spends at least 12 hours daily on the website trying to get new ‘likes’ for his Facebook page. However, Raviraj has absolutely no idea why he is doing this, Faking News has discovered.

“This is fun; I have over 1000 likes now,” Raviraj said when this correspondent asked for the latest update, “I immediately comment ‘plz lyk this page to get the funniest of status updates to copy’ and post a link to my page as soon as a new update from another page with more followers shows up on my timeline.”

Begging Cat
Raviraj claims that this picture helped him get over a dozen like when he posted it on Facebook

Apart from randomly copy-pasting the same message on every status update, Raviraj also sends direct messages to random people whom he finds commenting just after him on any such update.

“This way I’m sure that the person is online at that point of time and there is a higher probability that he’d check the message and like my page,” Raviraj explained his strategy to get likes for his page.

Raviraj has been religiously spamming profiles and pages for the last six months and has no immediate plans to do anything else other than getting likes for his page Tu Bhi Funny, Main Bhi Funny, Hum Dono Honey Bunny.

“It has worked, how else you think I got those likes?” he argued, “People on Facebook are good.”

“I want to get a million likes,” he declared.

When asked what exactly would he do with those million ‘likes’, Raviraj didn’t have any answer or idea.

“I don’t know. But it is cool to own a page with million likes,” he said, “I just copy-paste SMS jokes or tweets and many people ‘like’ the updates.”

“It’s cool,” he reiterated.

Raviraj is yet to discover Twitter and experts have warned “normal” users of Twitter that very soon he may attempt to get re-tweets and followers.