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Man jailed for not using the Indian national flag as DP on WhatsApp and Facebook

16, Aug 2015 By Anil Sharma

Jaipur: While the nation celebrated its 69th Independence Day, it turned out the other way around for Arjun Singh as he got his independence snatched by the local police and was put into a jail for not using the Indian national flag as profile picture on WhatsApp and Facebook yesterday.

Time to change your profile pic on Whatsapp and Facebook
Time to change your profile pic on Whatsapp and Facebook

Arjun Singh, 25-year-old man, was arrested from his home on Saturday afternoon while he was chatting with his friends on WhatsApp.

According to sources Arjun Singh would change his profile picture on every occasion and pay a tribute to almost everything possible.

“Yes, we caught him red-handed. We reached to his house as soon as we got the information. He was chatting when we got hold of him.  I couldn’t believe my eyes that he didn’t even change his WhatsApp group profile picture. It was still the same Friendship Day photo,” Sub-inspector Rajendra Chauhan told Faking News.

“We have enough evidence against him to file a strong case against him. We have checked his chat history, not a single Tricolor flag photo exchanged, not even a single patriotic video shared, I don’t know what kind of people are these,” Rajendra Chauhan went on to add.

“We will ask for a harsh punishment for him. I mean, people like Arjun are a shame for the nation. You have time to share creepy motivational shit online but you can’t give a moment for your nation’s betterment,” he concluded.

On the other hand Arjun is not really bothered about spending a night or two in jail but he is daunted for something else.

“I know it’s quite ironic to get arrested over the Independence Day, but I am not worried about it. I think I deserve it. We only get two chances to show our patriotism in a year, I am ashamed that I missed one,” Arjun said with a sigh.