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Man set out to find the author of a forwarded message from two years ago finally found her to be his wife

05, Sep 2016 By RT

Bangalore. Intrigued by a WhatsApp message two years ago, a man in Bangalore set out to investigate and find the author of the message to congratulate him/her. He started asking in all the WhatsApp groups he was present, if anyone knew the author of the post. No one seemed to know. He continued his search for two years as was learnt by Faking News.

The mystery of Watsapp forward
Who Dunnit?

After asking in the WhatsApp groups, he started asking in all the other social media including Facebook. What he unraveled was the truth about social media that what is viral in one App or website does not even have a reference in the other rival sites. There was absolutely nothing social about them or between them.

Later, he sought after technical help and even contacted a few ethical and some unethical hacking companies for the investigation. Nothing helped. His search soon became very difficult as it was nearly impossible to find the owner of a message in WhatsApp, technically hacking or socially asking.

The message once intrigued him by the sheer brilliance of its content, started haunting him, with a question, ‘Who said it!’ The words were written in a manner as though the author knew him for years. It was a tailor-made guiding light for his future, destined to reach him in WhatsApp.

By this unaccomplished mission, his behavior over the two years had changed. He became more aloof, in severe contrast to the advice from the message. His wife at home initially took his strange behavior in the last 24 months as ‘office tension’. When he started talking to himself, she had had enough and finally asked him ‘what in the world is going on?’, avoiding the word hell; nevertheless stressing on a  tone that would mean nothing but hell.

With much hesitation he shared details about his mission from 2 years. She grabbed his mobile and saw it. Seeing the message, the lady laughed out loud and admitted it was her who wrote and posted it in her school mom’s group. Both the man and the woman had requested Faking News to keep their identity secret and the message not be shared in the mainstream media.