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Man spends his birthday replying "Thank you bhai" to every single wish he got on Facebook

21, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Alok Singh, a young man in his mid twenties spent his 25th birthday replying “Thank you bhai” to each and every birthday wish which he got on Facebook.

As per Alok, wishes started pouring in on Facebook even before the clock hit 12 last night.

“I was freaked out to see the rate at which people were writing messages on my wall. I was more worried than happy. The only thing that was going in my mind was, how the hell I am going to say thank you to so many wishes,” Alok narrated what happened last night, adding that he didn’t want to thank all of them by writing a single status update.

By the end, Alok was left with no energy to celebrate his birthday.
By the end, Alok was left with no energy to celebrate his birthday.

“I can’t be that rude. I mean, those guys took out at least 10 seconds from the precious time, which often runs in hours that they invest daily into Facebook, to wish me happy birthday. How could I possibly let their efforts go unnoticed?” Alok reasoned why he chose to individually reply to around 500 wishes he got on Facebook.

However, it wasn’t that easy for Alok to motivate himself to achieve this feat of replying ‘thank you’ to every wish.

“To begin with, I was very unmotivated to see the length of the journey that I was planning to complete, just for the sake of my principles. The much easier option of replying back all using a single update was always there. It was then, I remembered what my grandfather had told me once: there will always be two paths to your goal. The most ethical one will always look tough; avoid falling for the easier one,” Alok simplified his decision making process.

Listening to what his heart said and what he felt was right, Alok started the journey of thousand miles with one single step.

“I ‘liked’ the first wish, and then in reply I wrote, ‘Thank you bhai’. Now there was no turning back. I had jumped into the sea, and had only two options, either to learn how to swim or to drown,” Alok explained how he embarked upon the journey of liking and replying to every Facebook wish he received.

His father too is proud of his son’s courageous and righteous decision, and compares it to his own, when he smiled back at everyone who wished him on his wedding reception night around 27 years ago.

Alok spent his whole day liking the birthday wishes and copy-pasting ‘Thank you bhai’ in reply to all of them. However, in the process, he mistakenly replied ‘Thank you bhai’ to few of the girls who had wished him.