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Man spends whole day on Facebook after allowed to take a day off from work

07, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Rishi Suroor, a software engineer by profession, redefined the meaning of “having fun” by spending whole day on Facebook. This after his boss asked him to take a day off and have some fun on Friday.

Shaving, getting a haircut, washing clothes, hanging out with his old friends, and calling up mom and dad were on his to-do list as he got a rare day off. He finalized this list and went to sleep on Thursday night.

He woke up early in the morning next day, logged in his Facebook account and posted his first update “Gooood Morninggg Friendsss”, but it went unnoticed as most of people in his friend list were still asleep by then and he was not a girl.

He’s a Facebook addict, because of the blue color.

“I did get a ‘WTF’ comment to my good morning update, but I deleted it,” Rishi conceded.

Few minutes later, he logged into his Twitter account, copied a witty underdog tweet and posted it from his Facebook profile, of course without giving due credit. Likes and comments started flowing in dozens.

“The self-confidence it generated could eradicate the poverty of India,” Rishi claimed, “I was motivated by the likes and comments and kept switching on between Facebook and Twitter.”

Apart from that, Rishi kept on staring at the Facebook news feed for rest of the day, liking everything and commenting on every status, many times uploading random pictures as comments – just to get “likes”.

“If there is paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this,” Rishi quoted Amir Khusrau while recounting his experience on the social network site on the day-off.

“That was fun, hardcore fun. Each like, lol, epic, rofl was as pleasant as a peg of whisky,” Rishi claimed after spending 12 hours on Facebook.

But that was not all. He made some new friends, few from India and few from across the border under his personal Aman Ki Asha program. He also liked and shared a photo of a terminally ill child, who he claimed would be paid one dollar by Facebook.

When this Faking News reporter asked about the other “fun” things he had planned for the day, Rishi said, “Oh fuck! Totally forgot!”

Rishi was planning to take a sick leave when reports last came in.