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Man stuck in an abusive relationship with twitter, finally deactivates his account

17, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Ankit Jain, a social media addict, who had been in a relationship with Twitter for the past 6 years, today called it quits after deactivating his account. Apparently, Ankit was not happy with the fading love between him and twitter.

Time to move on
Time to move on

Speaking to Faking News, a teary eyed Ankit fondly remembered the first time he laid his eyes on Twitter. He said, “I still remember the first time I created a Twitter account. It was Valentine’s Day. We met through a common friend. I spent 3 hrs looking for the perfect DP and what my first tweet would be. I wanted it to be the perfect relationship. I was so happy that I was finally on social media. We also celebrated our first anniversary with a big party.”

“But things soured between us a few years back. I thought just like all other relationships, this phase might be temporary. But little did I realize that it would reach a point of no return. We had fights almost every day.  Friends suggested that we should talk and resolve our differences,” said Ankit.

“Just last night I thought of going to sleep by 11 pm, but managed to keep myself awake till 3am thanks to the constant nagging by Twitter. It wanted more of my time than what I could devote. Twitter used to get jealous even if I logged into my Facebook account. I was even forced to uninstall WhatsApp from my smartphone,” he added.

When questioned about the nature of abuse he faced in the relationship, Ankit said, “During the initial days of our relationship, we found a lot common between us. But in a span of just two years, the conversations turned into accusations. I was accused of not giving enough time to our relation. Like a good partner, I tried reasoning but it was futile. I felt suffocated with so much negativity. I needed space in our relationship.”

“I couldn’t concentrate on my job and it affected my performance at work. I didn’t even have time to speak to my parents. With twitters constant nagging, I found solace in alcohol. Social media addiction has changed to alcohol addiction,” said Ankit as he poured himself a peg of his favorite whiskey.

“Finally I decided I could take it no more. Every relationship is based on strong foundation of respect but I did not find it in our relationship. So I thought it would be better to end the relation than suffer silently and be a victim of online abuse,” said Ankit as he was looking forward to meeting Facebook, his new found love.