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Man successfully wastes weekend on Twitter

26, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 27-year-old Manish Kumar, who had promised his wife a movie show and romantic dinner early this week, ended the whole weekend fighting with people on Twitter and later with his wife for not keeping the promise.

Saturday and Sunday – usually much awaited days for employees working in the private sector – was promised as a couple’s day out by Manish, but he started tweeting on Saturday afternoon and couldn’t stop.

Angry Twitter Bird
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“I clicked on the trending topics for India and there, right among the top tweets, was this tweet about Coal Scam on how Congress was not responsible for corruption,” Manish recalled how his weekend started.

Having woken up late, and a bit in bad mood, Manish replied with “STFU asshole, you know nothing about Congress or the country” to the tweeter whom he didn’t know at all.

And there, the Twitter fight and Manish’s doomed weekend started.

While Manish was busy settling scores with that particular tweeter and many others who had randomly joined the fight, his wife reminded him of the promise. Fortunately for Manish, it was raining heavily outside and he told her to wait till the skies were clear.

“I ended up cooking lunch and dinner, while he kept sitting on the couch with his laptop,” Rashmi, Manish’s wife revealed. She thought that a wasted Saturday will fill Manish with guilt and he’d make amends the following day.

But Sunday proved to be no different as Manish resumed his fight on Twitter. This angered Rashmi as much as random tweets angered Manish.

Manish took a break from the Twitter fight to convince and win over Rashmi. However, he soon realized that his communication skills, hugely influenced by conversations on Twitter, had deteriorated and he couldn’t put across his thoughts to his wife. Rashmi locked herself in a room and Manish went back to his laptop as Sunday progressed.

Manish was engaged in a fierce debate on whether Arvind Kejriwal was right in protesting in front of Prime Minister’s residence when reports last came in.