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Man, who laughed loudly after typing LOL, gets award for honesty

13, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Web Singh Nagar. As per the latest reports, a man named Saral Kumar has been selected for ‘Honest Person Of The Year’ award by the TIME magazine after he was found laughing loudly while chatting via a messenger on his smartphone.

Reportedly, he was doing so every time he was typing “LOL”.

People across globe are trying to copy Saral Kumar by watching his videos.

Although it would take a few more years for psychologists to take back their advice to use LOL minimally, it is expected that LOL (acronym for Laughing Out Loud), which has been losing its credibility, might gain some reputation.

Experts say that the rampant use of “LOL” was affecting mental and physical health of chin-smokers-users of LOL.

However, Saral Kumar has shown the way. A video of Saral, who is known for his integrity among friend and relatives, laughing out loud as he typed “LOL” has been made and it could soon go viral as a self-help and tutorial video.

“At first I didn’t understand why he was laughing. But later, Saral explained me the meaning of LOL when I asked,” said Sumit, first official witness of the rare event and a chain-user of the LOL.

TIME magazine officially selected Saral Kumar for ‘Honest person of year’ after watching and analyzing the video that was uploaded by Sumit. The video clip was titled “ROFLOL – Real (meaning) OF LOL”.

Some portion of the video in which Saral Kumar was laughing loudly has been released by TIME magazine to justify their decision to award Saral. The original video clip of Saral Kumar are already gone viral on You Tube and Facebook, and received over 1 million LOL comments.

In an official statement, spokesperson of TIME magazine said, “In a era where people are not safely removing pendrives, creating fake profile of girls to fool people, and spreading lies on social media, this extraordinary man from India has set a new standard of honesty and integrity. Most importantly, he was doing it when he was alone and this makes him preferred choice for ‘Honest Person Of The Year’.”

Chha gaye guru, aap to mere bhi guru nikle,” commented Navjot Singh Siddhu after news broke in media, “Even I can’t laugh after typing LOL,” added former cricketer after laughing uncontrollably for two minutes. As per the internal sources, many aspiring comedy show judges are trying to convince Saral Kumar to coach them on “How to Laugh loudly”.

Saral Kumar who is very happy and excited after announcement of award, is now planning for something bigger. He is now aiming for ROFL and was found practicing rolling on the floor while laughing.