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Man's thumb now moves only rightwards, thanks to excessive use of Tinder

12, Mar 2015 By Akash

Bengaluru. Amar, an IT professional had never thought that a dating app would  cost him so heavily that one day he will lose free movement of his right hand’s thumb.

Amar installed Tinder, a dating app, a month back on his friend’s advise, and had been using it excessively. He swiped right to every girl he came across on Tinder hoping a perfect match.

A hope that she is the one

According to one of his friends, he used it so much that he got habitual to right movement of thumb. Even in free time his thumb kept on moving “right”  automatically.

“When he holds the computer mouse, he keeps it putting rightward and ultimately the mouse falls off his desk,” one of his colleagues at the IT company claimed.

Talking to Faking News in a hospital, Amar recalled how he got into this mess, “I never had a girlfriend throughout my life. Then someone told me about this mobile application and have also heard a lot of success stories from those who used it. I thought I had got a purpose to live.”

“My desperation was so high that I liked every girl by swiping right to every profile. I hoped that it would increase my chances of getting a match to some girl. But it didn’t work; instead I ended up jamming my thumb’s movement and now it only moves in right side,” he continued.

Amar’s doctor are trying to treat him but say that this case falls in the “rarest of the rare” category and thus deserves at least a debate on Arnab Goswami’s show.

Even though Arnab is still to debate and demand a ban on Tinder in India, many single men are are in a big shock. Some have already uninstalled Tinder from their smart phones fearing jamming of thumb.

However, some are so desperate committed that they say that they will continue to use the app.

“True love doesn’t care about such small pains. Kuchh paane ke liye kuchh khona padta hai,” one such guy argued.