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Mark Zuckerberg gets Candy Crush request from Rahul Gandhi minutes after landing in India

09, Oct 2014 By Pavan

New Delhi. Mark Zuckerberg who landed in India to attend summit and to discuss the power of social media, ran into a rather unusual situation after arriving.

Sources say that after landing in India, Mark logged into his Facebook account using his newly bought iPhone 6 to check-in as “At New Delhi India to attend summit”.

Accept my request and prove your intelligence Mark!!
Accept my request and prove your intelligence Mark!!

Minutes after updating the status he started getting notifications and comments for the post and one of the comment was posted by none other than Congress Scion Rahul Gandhi.

“Mr. Zuckerberg welcome to the land of beehive, as our leader of opposition PM says that we are not the land of snake charmers, but the land of mouse charmers and we play with the mouse, so lets play Candy Crush Saga using the mouse,” the comment read.

Mark Zuckerberg was shell-shocked to see the comment and is planning to complain the same to the PMO when he meets PM tomorrow.

When Faking News contacted Mark, he said, “This is first time I received candy crush request and now I feel the pain of the users who receive it. I am planning to raise this issue in the summit and will report abuse the comment posted by some Indian kid named Rahul Gandhi to show my protest.”

“This torture has to be stopped. As Indian PM says ‘Come Make in India’, so lets Make India the first place to permanently block Candy Crush Saga,” he added.

When Faking News approached Rahul Gandhi to comment over the comment issue he replied, “I was getting bored as they have stopped calling me to address any election rallies, because Mummy says ‘wherever Rahul Goes, Congress’ seats goes’. Today as I was busy playing Farm Heroes to address the problems faced by the farmers, I got the news about Mark landing in New Delhi, so without wasting time I immediately sent the Candy Crush Request to get his attention.”

When the reporter asked Rahul Gandhi why he sent request to Mark and not anyone else from his party or from other parties, he replied, “When I send request to the opposition they really don’t care about my request, and when I send it to my party men, they don’t accept it as they fear of getting expelled from the party after they beat me in the game.”

Meanwhile Congress has credited the vision of Rahul Gandhi for getting Candy Crush Saga banned in India.