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Men spent most time on Facebook watching pictures of women users

31, Dec 2010 By InsipidReports

California, USA. After releasing top status trends of 2010, Facebook has released trends on how users spend their time on the social networking site after logging into their accounts. Not surprisingly, the trends show that men, especially those from India, have been spending maximum time browsing through the pictures uploaded by women users in their network. These included engagement and marriage photo albums.

“While we expected this, this is kinda disturbing,” said Michael Luxemberg of the data-mining and analytics team of Facebook, “We see this as unfortunate Orkutization of Facebook.” Michael also blamed Google for this trend as he pointed out that a Google Image search for “Facebook girls” returned a lot of “inappropriate” results.

“Sometimes we have noticed a guy spending around 10 minutes on a single picture before clicking on it to proceed to the next; God knows what’s happening!” Michael revealed the trends.

Erica Albright on Facebook
In the Hollywood movie “The Social Network”, even the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is shown checking this girl’s profile towards the end, perhaps setting the trend for other users.

Michael informed that Facebook logs every activity of a user and they had further “interesting” insights into the way users spend time online, but would “leak” them at an appropriate time in future.

“Just after finishing browsing through a woman’s album, we have noticed guys updating their status with some random quote picked from the internet; perhaps an attempt to hide what they had been up to,” Mark leaked a few details.

Some other trends were on expected lines such as:

  • Activities of women users attracted 78% more ‘likes’ and comments from users than those by men.
  • Indian users had higher mention of English television series and movies than those from UK or US.
  • Many people have been using “Paul the psychic Octopus” application to get their daily predictions even after the Octopus’ death.
  • 47% of the users have used the “Poke” feature at least once, due to which Facebook team is not retiring the feature anytime soon.
  • 309 users ‘liked’ Suresh Kalmadi.

While such data were rather easy to mine and analyze, Facebook team is reported to be working on a technology that could read “into” the pictures. An algorithm is being developed that would identify and record patterns, such as clothes worn by a tagged user, in various pictures.

“Currently we have to rely upon users’ data, such as an album’s title, to find out what the picture is all about. But we can’t be over-dependent upon the users,” Michael said, “Say; it’s easy to find out if a picture is of an Indian wedding if more than three people are wearing excessively loud colors. We can surely develop an algorithm to find that out.”

Michael rejected that such “technological innovations” compromised the privacy of Facebook users. Michael had agreed to talk to Faking News on conditions of anonymity, but we decided to ignore his privacy options.