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Millions forget how to type as Facebook allows pictures in comments

28, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Ever since Facebook has started image upload feature in comments section of a status, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who claim that they have totally forgotten how to type or how to converse with people without using images.

This phenomenon has not just affected them virtually but the impacts are being seen even in the real world.

There have been reports of people forgetting how to speak with others and are now helplessly communicating through sign language. And almost 100% of these are revealed to be Facebook addicts except for Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Thumbs Down
This latest feature has received thumbs down from family and friends of Facebook users

Preliminary investigations have unearthed various pics and images that represent different thoughts and expressions from the pockets of these people which shows that this is there only mode of communication now.

When Faking News asked a handful of them as to what has happened to them, they showed us various pics of Manmohan Singh probably to convey that they have lost their ability to speak or talk.

Colleagues, friends and family members of these people are totally confused with this sudden change in their behavior.

“The other day I asked my boyfriend if he has gone nuts and he showed me Digvijay Singh’s pic probably to confirm he has,” said an exasperated girlfriend of a Facebook Addict. “I mean I have been asking him to keep shut if he can’t talk sense but this was definitely not what I meant. Now I am downloading Arnab Goswami’s pic to give him a piece of my mind,” added the girl.

On the other hand the boyfriend claims that on showing the same Digvijay pic to another girl in his college, he was beaten by sandals as she thought he was calling her a “100% Tunch Maal”.

Experts say this signals the transition of human race back to the era of pictorial language, cave paintings etc. “If some action is not taken soon we could be staring at the possibility of going back to Stone Age. The Shree Ganesh has already been done by our esteemed politicians by claiming prices of meals that looks low for even Stone Age period,” warned an expert.

Meanwhile in another Facebook related event threatening human evolution, three students in a Mumbai high school were failed when they drew ‘like’ signs as answers to the questions asked in a term examination.