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Model uploads her nude pics on Google+, no one notices

16, Feb 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. A model, who featured in the last year’s Rajnigandha Gutkha swimsuit calendar, uploaded at least six photographs of herself posing nude on the so-called social networking site Google Plus, but her act failed to create any ripple as no one, not even any Times of India journalist, noticed the pictures.

The model, Sherlyn Pandey, has decided to sue her social media consultancy firm for this embarrassment.

“This is such a shame,” Sherlyn told Faking News, “In a country where even leaders watch pictures of naked women while making laws or governing a state, my nude pictures failed to attract any attention! The problem is definitely not with me as my swimsuit photos are still being downloaded from Google (sic.).”

Google Plus login page
There are many who actively use Google Plus, even sources other than Faking News claim

After consulting legal, sociological, political, and digital experts, the allegedly 24-year-old model concluded that the problem was with the pictures being uploaded on Google Plus, a social networking site that no one seems to be paying attention to.

“Not even Kapil Sibal checks Google+ for offensive posts,” a digital expert confirmed Sherlyn’s conclusion, “I am shocked why her social media consultants chose Google+ to upload her nude pics. Twitter or Facebook is the place to go nude.”

On the other hand, SecureSocialSentiments, the firm managing the online presence and branding of Sherlyn claims that their decision to post nude pics on Google Plus was based on sound research of empirical data.

Data shows that two-thirds of Google Plus users are men and the site is used primarily by students and software engineers – perfect place to post nude pictures of women,” Raman Nath, a fresh MBA turned management consultant argued.

Raman further claimed that at least one person, out of over whopping 639 Google+ users who had added Sherlyn to their ‘circles’, definitely noticed the nude pictures, but he kept on looking for the Facebook ‘like’ button, which stopped the pictures from going viral on the net.

However, Sherlyn is unconvinced and has decided to sue SecureSocialSentiments. Sources suggest that the move has been secretly welcomed by the Google management, who hope that this could inspire people to check their Google Plus pages.