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Not pampered for long, desperate girl serial comments on her FB profile pics to garner additional likes

25, Aug 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: In what is being called as an attempt to restore the glory of glamour, an engineering student living in Jubilee Hills area of the City of Pearls has reportedly broken the record of serial commenting on her Facebook profile pictures by thanking each person who liked her profile.

Pamperita doing some self pampering
Pamperita doing some self pampering

Pamperita is a self-proclaimed bubbly, fun-loving student of Computer Science engineering from a reputed college in Hyderabad. She never misses checking the likes and comments on her entire set of profile pictures everyday regardless of whether she’s at college, at home or on bed about to crash.

As per her close friends, to upload or not to upload new profile pic has been the biggest dilemma ever faced by her in life.

Tragedy struck the otherwise happy-go-lucky life of Pamperita when the number of likes and comments on her profile pictures started declining suddenly. In the last 5 days, she had received just 16 likes and 7 comments.

Unable to bear the loss of her visibility on friends’ news-feed, Pamperita started a “Thank All” mission. As part of this mission, she started thanking each person who commented  on the lines of “Nice pic”, “Looking lovely”, “Don’t know which one is the real flower” and so on.

Even her latest profile pic that rarely appeared on news-feed in last 5 days, was once again creating sensation as Pamperita said “<3 you" and "Thanks again!" to the ones who had acknowledged her pic. To the ones who commented, “Why don’t you try becoming a model? Like I said earlier, you are wasting time doing engineering”, she intelligently asked, “Can you give me the phone numbers or genuine email contacts of ad agencies looking for models?” To her surprise, most of them went offline after this question was asked. Sources advise guys to make sure they like their girl friends’ pictures and comment to at-least fulfill the formality requirement rather than facing tough questions or googlies like friends of Pamperita faced.