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One sided lovers association wants ban on change of surname after marriage, says it becomes hard to search profiles on Facebook

13, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Local chapter of OSLA (One Sided Lovers Association) is not happy with the practice of women changing their surnames after marriage and has asked center government to introduce a ban on the same. As per OSLA, it becomes very difficult to stalk the profiles of their crushes once they get married due to this practice.

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“As it is, it is hard to find the profiles of our crushes. Everyone in India is named Puja, Neha or Sonia, even with their maiden last name, 100s of results appear. However, since we know their maiden last names in most cases, we manage to find out their profile. However, once they get married, gone, it becomes so difficult to find the profile after that”, General Secretary of OSLA told Faking News.

“Worst are these hyphenated last names that are becoming so popular. They are an absolute nightmare and we hope the government bans them at least. We are trying to rally support from feminists as well and trying to start a new practice where men change their last names. Who has to search for a male profile anyway”, the General Secretary added.

When we asked him why don’t they just stop searching for girls who have obviously moved on in life, he said, “Bhai tum aashiq nahin ho na. They have moved on but we are standing right there na. It isn’t always about moving on either; sometimes we look up their profiles to check whether they have become ugly or something so that we can feel good that we avoided ending up with her. You won’t understand, tum aashiq lagte hi nahi ho.

OSLA has also asked Facebook to improve their search and add a feature where you can search with someone’s previous profile name.