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Orkut user humiliated in full public view by Facebook crowd

22, Jan 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. Dhiraj Joshi, 19, had to put up with a barrage of insults and ridicule for having logged into his Orkut account in presence of two Facebook users, who also happened to be his batchmates at a local engineering college. They were later joined by a bunch of other students from the same hostel, who made life hell for Dhiraj for a seemingly innocuous act of “scrapping”.

“I was sending a scrap to my friend to wish him a happy birthday,” Dhiraj (whose Orkut display name reads “coolest dude”) recalled the unfortunate moment, “Aakash, my roomie, happened to enter the room at that very moment and it seems he saw it. Before I could minimize the window, he burst into a loud laughter, almost spilling his kitli tea over me.”

Shahid Kapoor Orkut theme
Dhiraj uses a Shahid Kapoor “theme” for his Orkut profile, an act that also came for ridicule during the public humiliation

Aakash is believed to have frantically called out Pratik, their neighbor, who was playing cricket outside by throwing the ball against the hostel wall and hitting it on rebound. Pratik came rushing in and then both of them laughed like crazy for next few minutes, ridiculing Dhiraj for “still” using Orkut.

Hearing loud noises of laughter and Hindi abusive words (gaali), at least seven other students are reported to have got “attracted” and walked into Dhiraj’s hostel room in the next couple of minutes. What followed was a public humiliation of a helpless and unarmed Orkut user.

“Pratik ‘poked’ me with his bat at least three times,” Dhiraj recounted the mental and physical torture he had to go through, “They abused me by calling me chirkut, orkutiya, lodu, and gave me strange names like Baba Sehgal, Motorola Pager, and Windows 95.”

The rowdy students, all of whom are reported to be Facebook users, even tried to lift Dhiraj on their shoulders and “parade” him in the campus for his “deeds”, but the plan was later abandoned as India-South Africa match had started by then.

Meanwhile Dhiraj had written to the Hostel warden for providing him security against any such possible attack in future, but shockingly the warden refused to step in and instead suggested Dhiraj to “lock the hostel door” from inside next time he logged into Orkut.

Dhiraj alias “coolest dude” is rated 70% trusty, 40% cool, and 55% sexy on the older version of Orkut. Those who indicated themselves as “fans” of him or wrote “testimonials” for him refused to comment over the issue.